Youthful Yoga started from a simple, loving intention to bring the practice of yoga and mindfulness to kids. Synchronicity and a shared passion for yoga and kiddos brought founders Megan and Kara together.  Youthful Yoga is based in Tampa, FL, bringing yoga to your home or schools through private classes, school programs, birthday parties, and events. We want to give your children tools for stress relief and provide them with joy through movement. It truly is yoga for the growing mind and body, ages 3+. 


Megan Lopez, Founder

Hello and welcome! I'm Megan Lopez, certified Kidding Around Yoga & Purple Dot Yoga teacher and co-founder of Youthful Yoga. I'm also a Guidance & Learning Counselor, with an ESE certification for grades K-12, and have a Masters degree in this field. I've worked with children for as long as I can remember...through counseling, teaching, mentoring, and instructing dance. I first discovered the beauty of yoga almost 10 years ago, and have found so much peace, strength, and presence through the practice since then...mind, body, and soul (cliche, I know)! Teaching children yoga allows me to combine my two and kiddos! I want to plant the yoga seed for your little ones, providing a safe place for fun, health, peace, and growth. I think I get just as much out of teaching them as they do learning from me, and I'm honored to be their guide!

Kara Flando, Founder

I'm Kara Flando, co-founder of Youthful Yoga. I'm certified as a Kidding Around Yoga teacher. Also, I graduated from Bella Prana's 200HR Teacher Training. In addition, I earned my Bachelor Degree from The University of Tampa in Elementary Education. I currently teach 1st grade in Hillsborough County. My passion for yoga started as a teenager growing up in Chicago, and has blossomed ever since. One of my goals is to educate families and teach the next generation about the positive impact of mindfulness and yoga. I feel privileged to be able to teach your child or teenager the awareness and tools that yoga offers.